It’s a body-mind thing

It’s too big, too slow, too weak, too tired, too this, too that. The body – it’s a thing for so many people (and the diet industry). I’ve been there too; I believed my body was the problem and I battled it for most of my life, through eating disorders and near burn-outs. I did the cognitive work and I changed my behaviour. But full recovery didn’t happen until I discovered that my body was never the problem. In fact… the body is the answer.

Yet we tend to forget the body. Society teaches us how much we should eat, what we should eat, when we should go to bed to be as productive as possible, and so on, because it’s supposedly healthy and good for the body. But the irony is that all this is brain intelligence rather than actually listening to your body’s cues. The brain can’t think for the body – rather, it’s about a conversation with the body.

Once I found the courage to listen to my body again, I suddenly heard the stories it held, the stories that my eating disorders so desperate tried to hide and protect me from. Because eating disorders are rarely about eating; rather, they are about protecting you from whatever you have experienced in life that is too big, too scary, too much to feel and process. I know that now. But I also know that eating disorders are not sustainable coping mechanisms. That they demolish everything, yourself included.

As a peer supporter, I’m here for you. I will listen without judgement. I will wait with you as you wait for psychological, medical or other help that you may need – you are not alone. I will support you as you stand up against your eating disorder.

And once you’re ready, I’m also here to help you rediscover your body and your body intelligence, reconnect with it, and engage in that conversation between body and mind. I’m here to help you feel safe, and hopefully even at home in your body. I’m here to support you during stressful times and in your eating disorder or body image recovery. I’m also here for you if you have lost trust in your body for whatever reason, and want to restore that connection.

Work With Me

Receive support from someone who’s been there

  • I’ve done most of my recovery on my own
  • I still say ‘yes’ to recovery every single day
  • I started sharing my lived experience back in 2011 by publishing 37 columns (anonymously, but still)

Mind Your Body

Rediscover the powerful body-mind connection

  • Learn how body and mind are connected
  • Become familiar with all the feels of your body
  • Feel safe and eventually even at home again in your body

Create Your Calm

Navigate stressful times by working with your body

  • Learn to read your body’s stress signals
  • Explore ways to regulate stress
  • Work with breath, sound, self-massage, and movement

Do Your Yoga

Establish a fun practice to check-in with yourself

  • Tune in to your body with embodied yoga
  • Move with less thinking, more feeling
  • Learn how to move with the body: a way that honours how you feel right here, right now