Create Your Calm

Sometimes life feels meteoric, your mind keeps racing, and your shoulders and neck are tense like tennis strings. And sometimes it’s just hard to get out of that cycle of stress – your brain keeps telling you to keep trying or work harder, but to no avail. Sounds familiar?

I’ve been there countless times. Yes, I had read that you’re less productive and creative when you’re stressed, but I had no idea what stress felt like, and so I didn’t recognise that I needed some calm. Learning to listen to my body turned out to be key.

Create Your Calm is here to help you navigate stressful times by working with your body. Join the weekly 30-minute class or dive deeper into the hows and whys with the five-week mini course!

“Laura is an amazing person with a lot of knowlegde! What makes her course so inspiring? She really shares from a great passion and her own experiences. If you’re looking for tools to create your own calm, Laura will show you some great options, backed up by scientific knowledge and accessible practices.”