Create Your Calm

A five-week mini course

Note: This course has already taken place, but I can keep you posted on future runs. Scroll down for the sign-up form!

Is life feeling overwhelming to you and are your stress levels through the roof? Learn how to create your calm in this mini course!

Create Your Calm is here to help you navigate stressful times by working with your body. You will explore how to recognise stress and calm, you will practise various techniques to create calm, and you will learn about the theory and science behind it. As a bonus, you’ll receive handouts so that you can continue to practise by yourself!

The mini course consists of five half-hour sessions, each focusing on a specific theme. Click the topics below to find out more.

Note: this is not a yoga course, although it does lean on what I’ve learned during my yoga teacher trainings.

1 | Body

Friday 8 January 2021 | 17.15-17.45 CET

During this first session, you will explore and experience how calm and its antagonist, stress, feel in the body. You will also learn about the magic of the nervous system in order to better understand how stress and calm work, why you need both, and how you can work with them.

2 | Breath

Friday 15 January 2021 | 17.15-17.45 CET

Breathing is a hot topic when people talk about stress and finding calm, and for good reason. In this session, you will zoom in on what your breathing can tell you about your current state of being, as well as how you can use it to create your calm.

3 | Touch

Friday 22 January 2021 | 17.15-17.45 CET

You know that feeling of total relaxation right after a massage? Even though nothing beats a proper masseuse, you hold a lot of power in your own hands when it comes to creating calm. This session will dive into the power of touch, how it affects the nervous system, and how you can use it to your advantage.

Note: I recommend using a soft surface for this session, such as a yoga mat, a carpet or some folded blankets. Also, if you happen to have a meditation pillow, a cherry pit pillow or something similar, keep it handy during this session.

4 | Sound

Friday 29 January 2021 | 17.15-17.45 CET

Some sounds startle you. Some make you want to dance. Others are soothing. Sound – both hearing it and producing it – often has a pronounced effect on the body. During this session, you’ll investigate how you can use sound to find calm. Fun fact: composer and pianist Chad Lawson has given me permission to use his music for this session! (I’m a huge fan and I just can’t believe my luck.)

5 | Rhythm

Friday 5 February 2021 | 17.15-17.45 CET

Last but definitely not least, you’ll explore the playful practice of rhythm and movement. How you feel affects how you move, and how you move can affect how you feel. Let’s connect the dots.

Note: for this session, I recommend wearing clothing in which you can move freely. If you happen to have a yoga mat, use that as well.


This course is for anyone who wants to explore ways to cope with stress. No prior knowledge or experience required.


On Fridays.

17.15-17.45 CET.

8, 15, 22, 29 January and 5 February 2021.


For most sessions, all you need is a space you feel comfortable in. Some require clothes that allow you to move freely.


All sessions take place on Zoom. You will receive a link by email a few hours beforehand. Also, all sessions will be recorded and sent out afterwards.

How much?

The value of this course is €50, but given the current situation, I’d like this course to be accessible to everyone, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a custom price.

Sounds good? Sign up!

The current edition has already finished, but I would love to run this course again. If you want to stay posted on future dates, leave your info below. You will only receive emails about the Create Your Calm mini course and nothing else 🙂

… this course was actually inspired by one of my favourite composers and pianists, Chad Lawson? He used the hashtag #CreateYourCalm when he released his EP Stay. In an interview published in May 2020, he said: “I’m just trying to invite people to take a moment and reconnect with who they are . . . The music I make is meant to create calm.” The yoga I teach is meant to help reconnect and create calm too, so that got me thinking – and here we are!