Create Your Calm

Weekly class

If stress is a recurring theme for you and if stress makes you feel as if you don’t have time to create calm, then this weekly class is for you!

Sometimes a little goes a long way. This class is short and sweet – only 30 minutes – and will help you create your calm by working with the body. Each class will combine several embodiment practices (usually two or three), such as body scans and breathwork, the power of touch and self-massage, sound (both hearing it and creating it), and rhythm and movement. There’s some pretty cool theory and science behind these practices, so I may get nerdy about this every now and then, though these classes will focus more on the experience – less talking from my side, more feeling on your side.

The body and mind have a powerful connection and dynamic. Even if it feels as if stress is something created by the mind, it always manifests itself in the body, too. That sets a chain of reactions in motion, affecting your nervous system, muscles, breath, hormones, and so on. Stress can cloud your ability to make good decisions, but working with the body can ease the effects of stress, thus allowing for brain space and help you in decision-making and therefore in working with the cause of your stress.

You don’t need any experience and you don’t need any fancy equipment. Just wear something comfy that allows for some movement and maybe bring some pillows or other props so you can sit comfortably.

Note: this is not a yoga class, although it is based on what I’ve learned during my yoga teacher trainings and other courses.


Friday afternoons*
17.15-17.45 CET
(8.15-8.45 PST)
* Starting 12 March


Live on Zoom + recording available for a week. You’ll receive the link a few hours beforehand.


Single class

Class pass
€37,50 for 5 classes
(valid for 10 weeks)

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