I’m Laura Baeten.

I’m a writer. I’m an editor. I’m a project manager. I’m an eating disorder recovery advocate. I’m a yogi. I’m a yoga teacher.

Over the past nine years I’ve created multiple digital spaces for the things that I’m passionate about. And that has been confusing to some, not knowing where to go for my leisurely writing, my professional editing services, or information about the yoga classes that I teach. This website connects you to all of my passions, and should answer these questions.

Welcome to LauraBaeten.com.

Create Your Calm is all about working with your body and finding embodiment practices that can support you through stressful times. Read more about the weekly class and the mini course!

Discover my passions

I was the last one who would’ve thought I would become a yoga teacher. Yet here I am, linking you to a page about me being a teacher. Read my story (spoiler: it includes Yoga With Adriene!) and find out how you can practise with me.

Writing, editing, translating, and project management of anything educational… Add it up and you get me! EditUp is my editing, training and project management business for educational content (website is in Dutch; head to my LinkedIn for info in English).

Even as a small girl, I would spend hours reading and writing stories. In 2012 I started my Dutch blog Schrijfmeisje.nl. I basically write about the random things in life, ranging from ramblings on how to eat a mandarin to long-reads about travels, and everything in-between (all in Dutch).

Beauty and body image don’t just affect those battling eating disorders. They affect many, many people. I wanted a platform for all those to connect, and Beauty Is Not a Number was born. While I may not have written on there for a while, I am still proud of what has been published, so do check it out. Only available in English.