The teaching

My classes are inspired by Yoga With Adriene’s mantra “Find what feels good” and Julie Martin’s take on embodied yoga: moving and living informed by your body intelligence, and exploring the conversations between the mind and body intelligence.

What I teach

  • Everyone’s practice will look different. Everyone tunes in to what they feel in their body, and if everyone has a different body, a different story, and a different day, how could it look the same? It’s not about what the poses and movements look like, but what they feel like.
  • Less thinking, more feeling. We are so used to relying on our thinking mind that the brain sometimes (or often) tries to think for the body. In my classes we will explore the “feeling mind.” And no, that’s not just “listen to your body”; there’s actually movement science to help us access the information in our bodies!
  • The power of repetition. Each class consists of layers, and each layer we repeat something, and add something new. The first time you flow through a layer or sequence is all about exploring the movements and sensations. The second (or third or fourth or…) time, the muscle memory kicks in, so you have to think less (and can feel more!). Eventually the body intuitively “knows” what to do, thus moving into a sense-felt practice. This is why there’s repetition within a class, and why I repeat my classes for a couple of weeks.
  • Moving with the body. And yes, that may mean your bum sometimes comes off the floor when doing a seated warm-up. And that’s completely fine! The body is one connected unit – move with it, not against it. Sometimes isolating movement or keeping one body part or another glued to the floor can feel counterintuitive. So just don’t; it’s not necessary.
  • Rigid things break, pliable things bend. Applying pliability in your yoga practice will make it more sustainable in the long run.

Curious to see what that looks like? There are some videos on my Instagram that give you an idea.

Where I teach

I currently only teach on request. This includes subbing for other teachers at the studio where I’ve been a student myself: Bindi in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

I’m also happy to offer online private and public classes. Just send an email to hello[at] for more info on possibilities and price.

And have you already checked out Create Your Calm? Although it’s not typical yoga, it may just be what you need!

What students say

Informative, with a sense of humour, energetic, vibrant, refreshing, new, embodied, authentic, attentive, integrated, holistic, connected, interactive.

D. (student)

With feeling, open, accessible, flow, intense, powerful, mindful, owning your own practice as a student.

P. (student)